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This 2-days course is tailored for those looking to leverage the power of Generative AI to transform your workplace, enhance enterprise operations, drive innovation, and create competitive advantages. If you want to expand your skill set and stay ahead in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced professional, this course is for you.


Stay Ahead with Emerging Technologies

Stay abreast of the latest advancements in technology by honing your research skills and navigating the landscape of emerging technologies.

Harness Enterprise Data Insights

Discover how to leverage Gen AI LLM models to enable deep insights from your organization’s data and documents, using retrieval augmentation.

Increase Productivity by using Generative AI

Master the art of effective communication with Gen AI models through advanced prompting techniques. Enhance workplace productivity through use of top enterprise AI tools like IBM watsonx, IBM watson Discovery, Microsoft Copilot and Canva AI.

Unlock Creativity and Efficiency

Explore the creative potential of Gen AI by efficiently generating compelling audio, images, and videos, adding a touch of innovation to your work processes.

Utilize BeX AI Platform to conduct hands-on Gen AI lab sessions.

Course Outcomes

Operationalising AI

Learn how to integrate Generative AI models into business operations

Increase workplace productivity

Use Gen AI to automate routine tasks and enhance decision-making

Diverse Gen AI Use Cases Across Industries

Tailor AI solutions to legal, admin, marketing and email processing

HANDS-ON Experience

IBM watsonx
IBM’s Next-generation AI and data platform for Enterprise AI

IBM watson Discovery
Document insights with AI-powered intelligent document understanding

BeX AI Platform
Perform Gen AI Practical Lab Sessions with different AI models and RAG retrieval techniques

Efficiently generate AI-powered presentations and documents.

Canva AI
Enhance your design workflow using intelligent AI tools.

Microsoft Copilot
Boost productivity in Microsoft 365 workflows with AI-powered tools.

Course Outline

Learn to Embrace AI. Don’t be replaced.

Generative AI Models: From Text to Image to Video to Code

Core Technologies Behind Enterprise Generative AI

Generate creative image, video and audio efficiently, and be amazed!

The Versatility of Text-based Generative AI: Summarization, Extraction, Question Answering, and More from Text.

Mastering Prompt Management: Techniques and Tuning

Choosing the right LLM model

Operationalising AI for Enterprise:  Enterprise Gen AI System

Leveraging Retrieval Augmented Generation for Enhanced AI

A Look at Structured vs Unstructured Data

How Generative AI Revolutionize Processing of Text and Unstructured Data

Generative AI’s impact on Enterprise Business Execution

Experience Gen AI in action, hands on sessions using BeX Gen AI Training platform, IBM watsonx and IBM watson Discovery

Case Studies Across different Industries

Case Studies Across different enterprise functions


Dive into the future of digital workplace with our course

Upcoming Course Runs
18-19 July 2024 (CLOSED) / 25-26 July 2024 / 21-22 Aug 2024 / 18-19 Sep 2024

231 Mountbatten Road
Mountbatten Centre, Block B #02-01
Singapore 397999

Course Fee
$1,380.00 / $1,504.20 (with GST)

SkillsFuture Funded
Nett Fee after 50% funding (with GST): $814.20
Nett Fee after 70% funding (with GST): $538.20

Nett course fee can be offset using available Skillsfuture Credit or PSEA fund for Singapore Citizens

Who Should Attend?

This course is ideal for business managers, IT professionals, executives, and anyone interested in applying Generative AI to increase work productivity. No programming experience or expertise required. Learn to work with top enterprise AI tools to impact work output!

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Funding Information

  • WSQ Funding Up to 50% for < 40 yrs old SC/PR/LTVP+
  • Enhanced Funding – MCES/SME (Up to 70% >40 yrs old SC)
  • Singapore Citizens can use their Skillsfuture Credit or PSEA to offset course fees payable after funding
  • Funding Validity period: 7 Dec 2023 – 5 Dec 2025
  • TGS-2023040639

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