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Tech Development and Consultancy

At PPIC Technologies, we specialize in integrating IBM software into your technology stack. As an esteemed IBM Silver Partner and Reseller, and in collaboration with our partners at CoolRIOTS and IBM, we are uniquely positioned to offer unparalleled services in enhancing your technological infrastructure with IBM software. Our expertise extends beyond software familiarity; we provide comprehensive support in both procurement and customized implementation, as well as ongoing managed services for organizations in various sectors.

Our Comprehensive Solution:

Advancing your Technological Capabilities

Our offering at PPIC Technologies is designed to elevate your company’s technological framework and boost your team’s competencies. Our services include:

Procurement Assistance:

Guiding you through the selection and acquisition of the right IBM software for your needs.

Expert Implementation:

Providing top-tier, tailored implementation services to ensure seamless integration and optimal use of IBM software within your infrastructure.

Managed Services:

Offering ongoing support and management to ensure your technology stack remains cutting-edge and efficient.

Empowering Your Team with Advanced Tools and Knowledge

Our solution goes beyond mere access to advanced tools; it encompasses equipping your team with the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in the ever-evolving tech landscape. This includes expertise in:

Harnessing the power of WatsonX.ai and WatsonX.data for advanced data analysis and AI-driven insights.

Implementing AI-powered virtual assistants to enhance customer interaction and service.

Utilizing AI search technology to uncover hidden insights from your data.

Leveraging a suite of tools to build and train AI models at scale.

Utilizing this integrated data and AI platform to modernize your data landscape.