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Overview :

Unlock the potential of your team’s tech capabilities with PPIC Technologies. Our dedicated team offers specialized training courses meticulously crafted to elevate your company’s technological expertise across diverse domains. From Embedded System Software and Hardware Engineering to AI, Data Science, IT, Database Engineering, Programming in multiple languages, and comprehensive Cloud Computing & DevOps solutions, we cover it all.


Training Capabilities :

At PPIC Technologies, we provide comprehensive and excellent training courses. With 30 ACLP-associated trainers specializing in Cloud Computing, Generative AI, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, and Data Science, our offerings surpass industry standards. Our offerings extend to niche courses like Railway Asset Management and Maintenance too.

Our team of associated trainers holds the prestigious WSQ Advanced Certificate in Learning and Performance (ACLP), ensuring the delivery of high-quality Skills Future funded courses. To stay ahead of evolving standards, we’ve introduced the upgraded WSQ Advanced Certificate in Learning and Performance 2.0 (ACLP 2.0), underscoring our commitment to cutting-edge training methodologies and qualifications.

As close partners of IBM and Ascendo for tech training, our commitment to excellence and innovation is unwavering. Amidst the challenging times of the pandemic, PPIC Technologies took a proactive approach, contributing over 5000 training hours by providing instructors for IBM SG United courses. This initiative was aimed at assisting individuals navigating career transitions, demonstrating our dedication to supporting career shifts amidst uncertainty.

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